Are you looking for an alternative method of pain relief like the best Tampa chiropractor, compared to the conventional methods of filling yourself with harmful pain medication? I don’t look any further than Cobb and rehab and wellness. We have been serving the Tampa Bay community for almost 15 years since back in 2008 our goal is to relieve you of any pain that you may be experiencing the natural way.

Instead of using expensive pain medication which only relieves your pain temporarily and also gives you Costly Side effects, we advocate complementary medicine such as chiropractic and things like physical therapy.

We believe that services offered like the best Tampa chiropractor helps your body heal as fast as possible with minimal or preferably zero use of drugs. We work hand-in-hand with multiple medical doctors and understand the use in necessity for prescription medication to help fight disease and relieve pain When necessary. We have had patients come as far as Orlando, Sarasota, and even northern Florida to treat a car we have in Wellness Because our excellence is well-known far and wide.

Cobb rehab and wellness has been providing proven results to our patients because our excellence is well-known far and wide.

Along with the conventional chiropractic adjustments we try to incorporate many different therapies that we have added to our Rolodex with the best Tampa chiropractor over the years to help our patients achieve their goals and resume daily activities. Dr. Cobb and his team is dedicated to rescuing you from the pain you’re experiencing no matter your background or problem you’ve been suffering with.

Our team has been traded properly identifying and also successfully treating very sports injuries. Dr. Cobb works on Young and old athletes as well as newly developing or even season veterans. Give us a call today!

One of our more newer services that we provide for our customers is connective tissue release for your doctors and scientists who have been studying connective tissue. Some believe it to have been a mess and it’s been difficult to prove because of the lack of the ability to see connective tissue with the naked eye or even with x-rays or similar scans.

Now you may be asking what is connective tissue? Simply connective tissue is a tissue or organ in your body made up of collagen and elastin that runs throughout your body, from your head to your toes running through and Between every cell.

We can’t wait for you to become our next pain-free patient! To book your first appointment with us and receive half off if you are a cash pain patient, feel free to give us a call at (813) 914-8500 where we can best answer any questions you may have about our services, as well as getting your appointment booked. Once you have booked your appointment, we will recommend going onto or you can access a ton of patient testimonials, as well as learning more about Our services and accessing are important new patient paperwork. Call us today!

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Have you heard of the ball or potentially connective tissue release? We would love to assist you in your Ventura for prayer pain free living! Yeah we are one of the Tampa Bay areas few chiropractic clinics that actually provide connective tissue release for their patients. We have offered it since 2014 and Dr. Cobb and his therapist have clocked in combined 500 hours in training to best prepare them to provide the highest quality care possible. dr. Cobb himself is also greatly benefited from The benefits of connective tissue release. It played a major role in his recovery from a hip replacement.

You may be wondering at the best Tampa chiropractor what’s so great about connective tissue release, or even what is connective tissue? Connective tissue is tissue made up of a combination of collagen and elastin that runs through your body. It acts as your body’s shock absorber, absorbe in in an impact from your body and protecting your most vital organs.

When this happens, sometimes your connective tissue may not release, throwing a wrench into the gears of your body and throwing various things out of whack, causing limited range in motion, as well as various points of pain. There are some benefits.

CTR can also restore muscle function as well as postural alignment in the best Tampa chiropractor. It can also restore the body’s power by improving circulation and nervous system function. Not to mention freeing up joint mobility and body movement.

Wondering who may benefit from such an amazing therapy?

If you happen to have chronic joints or muscle injuries as well as someone who performs repetitive work that causes considerable strain on muscles and joints, connective tissue release movies for you. Connective tissue release can also affect people with poor posture, fibromyalgia and other chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as neurological dysfunction or frozen shoulders.

Connective tissue release can also be called myofascial release as well because connective tissue can just simply be called a facial. connective tissue release has been commonly associated with deep tissue massage as they both work at a great depth and are known to cut deep into your muscle that allows the body to release what’s on my car old traumas. Some of the text Nick‘s involves I’d be skin rolling or lifting the facia or connective tissue away from the body that’s relieving stuck favors. other people may slowly sink into the tissue winding in and moving only at the speed the tissue releases sometimes movement.

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