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From cracking back to what I like to call connective tissue release, we are using various different methods to get you feeling better than before. Many of our customers experience significant changes after the first visit! If we can’t get you to feeling better within the first 3 to 5 visits, we will reevaluate the situation.

We would love to get you feeling back to it. The best performing individual at best is a Tampa chiropractor that you can be when it comes to your physical well-being. Not only do we assist in getting you back physically from various injuries or other pain inducing experiences, but we also want to keep you performing at your best.

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One of the more unique and best working therapies that we have to offer at the best Tampa chiropractor, Cobb health and wellness, is connective tissue release, which helps with practically any impact or trauma that would be caused by things like sports injuries or car accidents.

You may be wondering what exactly is connective tissue even? What connective tissue is a membrane or a minor organ, that runs from your head to your toes and acts like your body’s shock absorber Tightening up or absorbing the shock whenever your body experiences a fall or a heavy impact, protecting your essential organs so that you don’t die.

But when your body experiences a fall and your connective tissue tines up, sometimes that tension is not relieved and your connective tissue remains seized, limited in your range of motion , and throws a wrench into your gearbox when it comes to movement.

So what connective tissue release does is release attention by focusing on a target area of connective tissue in order to relieve the tension on the muscles and bones affected by that seized connective tissue. Many people have compared connective Best Tampa Chiropractor tissue release to something like a deep tissue massage, but it rather serves a completely different purpose.

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Looking for a great Tampa chiropractor ? Look no further than he tried and true experts at Cobb rehab and wellness. I, Donnelly , are dedicated to your full rehabilitation, but we also want to make sure that your Best Tampa Chiropractor wellness is the best that it can be, so that you can continue with a pain-free life after your full rehabilitation.

We can assist and just about any injury that you may be suffering from, will it be sprained ankle or just neck pain or back pain, maybe shoulder pain, or even spinal pain. We can assist with just about any discomfort You’re going through.

We also can help with chemo and radiation Best Tampa Chiropractor treatment pain or discomfort you may be experiencing throughout your cancer treatments. We also put a great emphasis on soft tissue injuries, which mainly happen with sport or car accidents, as two main examples. Such annoying injuries can greatly inhibit your ability to properly move and function as an individual.

Not only do we offer the typical Chiro adjustments that you’ve come to know and love from various chiropractors who may have gone to the past, but we also offer a very special treatment that is quite uncommon called connective tissue release.

Connective tissue running through every cell in your body and acting as your body’s shock absorbers, best Tampa chiropractor. This means and a fall or another comparative impact, your connective tissue will tighten and absorb the impact below that you just experienced, protecting your vital organs. Now in some circumstances, that connective tissue doesn’t relax, staying tense and inhibiting your range of motion, and causing pain. What connective tissue release does for you is it releases that tension, improving your range of motion as well as cracking many imbalances that might’ve been caused from the 10 stuff connective tissue too.

In fact we are only one of the few chiropractic clinics in the Tampa Bay area to offer such treatment. We have offered connective tissue release since 2014, giving us over eight years of experience in this field. In fact Dr. Gregory Cobb and or a licensed therapist here at Cobb rehab and wellness I’ve tracked a collective 500 hours or more and one of the most renowned connective tissue release programs in the nation.

You may be wondering what exactly is connective tissue. Connective tissue is this special tissue/organ made up of collagen and elastin that runs from your head to your toes.

Connective tissue release has been regularly compared to therapy like deep tissue massages. Although very similar in emotive relaxation that all patients might experience from deep tissue massage, connective tissue release focuses on a single target point and stress is a continuous point of pressure relieving the tension from the connective tissue on your muscles and bones.

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