Our ambition as the best Tampa chiropractor, is to get you scheduled, repair the issue and let you get back to living the active life you desire. We work very hard to streamline the process from scheduling to check out. You are important! We want you to experience the best of the best customer service from our staff. We will greet you with a smile every single time. Our people will intently listening to your needs and do everything they can do to accommodate them. We are always happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns at any time.

Scheduling with the best Tampa chiropractor is super easy. We ask that you go to our website to fill out new patient paperwork before you book your first appointment. This will ensure that we are able to serve you faster. Call our clinic to speak with our incredibly, competent staff to schedule your new patient visit. We look forward to the call and getting to know you and how we can serve you the best.

Cobb rehab and wellness has the best Tampa chiropractor. Dr. Gregory Cobb has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 2008 in the Tampa area. He has multiple therapists that have over 500 hours of elaborate training to facilitate the connective tissue release method. This is utilized on patients that have sports related injuries or have been in automobile accidents. We offer the best of the best in regards to the service. There are very few chiropractors that offer this method in Florida and even fewer available in the Tampa area. Dr. Cobb is extremely proud to be educated in this method and able to offer this service.

We offer so many extra amenities here are at Cobb rehab and wellness. We work with patients to restore their health. We utilize therapeutic and medical massage this helps to manage many different health conditions. This moves patients quickly along the path to complete restoration and recovery from an injury. E-Stim therapy is also a technique that we use here at the clinic. We have found that it is very successful in our patients that suffer from pain with fibromyalgia. This is an easy and effective technique that can be used. Our doctor is trained also in kinesio taping. We have multiple patients that have suffered from athletic sport injuries. Many times this will help our patients to continue to perform in their athletic sport as they are healing. That taping creates support and stability however it does not restrict the range of motion.

We trust that you will find our services to be the best in the industry. We offer top notch services coupled with equipment. We take our position seriously. Our ultimate goal is to restore your body back to the active state that you so desire. Give us a call to schedule your first appointments. You can reach us at not 813-914-8500 and we would encourage you to get on our website poke around and see what our patients are saying about us! cobbrehabwellness.com

Best Tampa Chiropractor

As the best Tampa chiropractor we offer superior chiropractic care and rehab. It is difficult to find a chiropractor that has the ability to perform connective tissue release. We are one of the few in the Tampa area that is certified in this procedure. Our patients are extremely happy with the results that come from the connective tissue release method. Our doctors have over 500 training hours related to this treatment. This goes to show that we truly are the best of the best.

The best Tampa chiropractor, Dr. Cobb does a great job of teaching his patients and educating them. It’s essential that his patients know how to an act self treatment techniques and how to modify their lifestyle to have the best life. Education is power and Dr. Cobb knows this therefore he continues to educate himself so he can educate his patients to the very best of his ability. His clients are important to him. He wants them to be able to have control over their own body and health. He will come alongside them to continue to maintain once the recovery process is complete.

We encourage all potential best Tampa chiropractor patients to do the research when looking for a medical provider. Do not settle for anything less than the absolute best in the industry. We have multiple alternative methods that we use here at Cobb rehab and wellness that make us a superior chiropractic care and wellness facility. Dr. Cobb has had success in treating patients that are currently under the care of a medical doctor for cancer. The superior chiropractic care that he provides helps to manage the pain that is associated with chemotherapy and radiation. He has many patients that have been involved in sports related injuries. Dr. Cobb goes above and beyond to meet the needs of these patients by utilizing connective tissue release, E-Stim and kinesio taping as well as rehab exercises.

It’s time for you to change your story and write your life. Let’s make this a new year and a new you. If you are struggling with back pain, joint pain, hip and shoulder pain , and see us at Cobb rehab and wellness. We are here to serve you. We want your life to be everything that it should be. It should be pain free. Dr. Cobb will work with you to develop a personalized patient care plan that will send you on your road to recovery. He is the very best at what he does.

Cobb rehab and wellness invites you to call any time to schedule a new patient appointment. You can reach out to 813-914-8500 and our friendly staff will greet you and get you on the schedule. Please go to our website cobbrehabwellness.com to print off the new patient paperwork. We encourage you to fill this out ahead of time so we can serve you to the best of our ability. We will absolutely provide you with stellar chiropractic care. Also, take a look at our Google reviews, they will speak for us.