About three months ago I woke up with pain in my heel of my right foot. When I would stand on it and it is extremely sharp first thing in the morning after I would take 10 to 15 steps the pain with ease up somewhat however It progressively got worse over the course of three months. I don’t really care for traditional medicine and injections and so forth so I was looking for a natural solution and started searching for a temp chiropractor. I came across Cobb Rehab & Wellness and I read his reviews and thought that he might be the one to help me solve my problem. I arrived on Tuesday the office was very warm and inviting Dr. COBB is very prompt with me he didn’t examination explain and explain to me about the connective tissue and how it tightens up in response to injury or inflammation. Everything he said made sense to me so I agreed to 31 hour sessions with Dr. COBB. He informed me that plantar fascitis usually originates in the back at the lowest part of the back of the L4 L5 lumbar vertebrae and it causes a tightening the connective tissue in one leg or the other depending on which everyone’s receiving the most information and that leg could have running down the entire length of the leg from the glutes to the big toe or it could be spotty anywhere along the path in the chain. Dr. COBB‘s approach is to treat both the low back area of the L5 S1 make sure that it’s paying with originating from there that we give it some attention and treat the tight facia along the path it’s been tightening up as you had inflammatory process for a prolonged period of time. Dr. COBB does do my fashion release right in the bottom of the foot and it is amazing. He does releases in the lower leg in the anterior aspect of the leg the lateral aspect it has them in the posterior aspect of the caulk gap seems to be most profound ride along the bone in the front on both sides the lateral and medial aspect bone you can feel it reach right down into the bottom of the foot. If you or someone you know has plantar fasciitis or pain in the foot I would recommend that you send them to Dr. COBB at Cobb Rehab & Wellness in Tampa Florida as soon as possible. It’s the best thing you can do for their health. Dr. COBB has a unique way of attacking plantar fasciitis and other pain and symptoms related in the foot.If you have foot pain and you’ve went they are traditional route you seen your primary care, you’ve taken pills and rested, you’ve stretched and iced, you’ve been in physical therapy, and you’re still having issues please consider calling Cobb Rehab & Wellness in Tampa Florida and Bush Boulevard you’re number one Tampa chiropractor. Period. If you’re experiencing pain or numbness down the lower part of your leg in the front of the leg along the bone close to the edge of the bone on the lateral side of the bone and it feels like a hot electric wire burning inside of your skin if this describes you you should call Cobb Rehab & Wellness we can help you with that. Do you live with upper back pain, do you feel like your breasts are too large, does it calls you back pain on a regular basis cause you have really big knockers, if so you should call and come visit Dr. COBB a Cobb Rehab & Wellness 4205 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa Florida we consider him to be Tampa Tampa Bay‘s most unique individual.He is the number one Tampa Chiropractor. If you are looking for Tampa Chiropractor please consider calling Cobb Rehab & Wellness for visitingus online at cobbrehab&wellness.com. I was a patient patient that was recently involved in an automobile accident in addition to neck and back pain in all of the usual*headaches I was experiencing pain in my left ankle and foot I thought how unusual this was a doctor, shirred me that this was not a unusual thing so I took his advice and I made an appointment with him. During my appointment I told Dr. COBB that my neck was fine I had no problems with my neck whatsoever however I did have pain in my elbow on the left side and I had pain in my thumb on the right side
. Dr. COBB‘s reply was your neck is not fine the pain that you’re experiencing in your left elbow and then your right thumb is coming from your neck. By the time Dr. COBB was done with me he made me realize my neck wasn’t as good as I thought it was it didn’t have some issues and it was responsible for causing me to feel symptoms in my arms. I’m so grateful that I found Dr. COBB when I did. I was in a crash down in Sarasota area which is where I’m from but I’ve experienced it
I’ve experienced healing with Dr. COBB before this accident he was referred to me by the woman who works on my horse and does bodywork on my horse. She referred me to doctor, because I was having some issues with my low back in my right buttock. The horse therapist explained that my problems was throwing my horse off and she could never get my horse right unless she had someone got unless someone got my pelvis right. And that’s how I met Dr. COBB. I was recently involved in an automobile accident down in Sarasota and the lawyer sent me to clinic down there. What a joke it was. I went two times and said to myself oh my God I cannot keep doing this. I called Dr. Cobb and they got me in right away. I was feeling improvement after the very first visit with Dr. Cobb. I’m driving 90 to 100 miles two days a week to visit Dr. Cobb because it helps. I don’t know what else to do.