My experience with chiropractic is probably similar to many who have no idea what chiropractic is or have some preconceived notion‘s. I worked for a law office that handled personal injury lawsuits. I was at the bottom of the totem pole so my job was in the mail room a lot and in the records room where I would open up Mail and file documents into clients folders. The majority of the document side file contained bills from the chiropractor and every once in a while I’d see those bills and it was you know a lot of treatment for a long time and I always wondered what Tampa chiropractor actually bills for. My best friend was working for an insurance company and he was an adjuster and from the adjuster side all they would tell tell you about chiropractors is that they are scams and so for the longest time that is what I believed working for the Law offices clients most of them thought they were scanning just to get a pay out from the insurance company and so I never really had any good feelings or positive information about chiropractor. During this time I also had injured my shoulder and I lived with this pain for many many years. I had stopped working for the law office I graduated from college graduate degree in something totally different education and then you know I had insurance so I decided after someone suggestion SCI GO see a Tampa chiropractor for my shoulder and neck pain.

So I had my visit with Ed Tampa chiropractor and it wasn’t a really good visit because he did an exam on me gave me some suggestions on how to deal with neck pain he didn’t actually do any kind of treatment on me and said that I needed to come back to get treated. My schedule was really busy I was really frustrated that my first visit I didn’t get any relief because I didn’t get any treatment so I just never followed up.

Then about two years later you know of course I’m still experiencing this pain but my boyfriend then had a friend who work for a chiropractor and he consulted with her and asked you know what why can’t we get treatment during our first visit. She said the reason that they don’t allow treatment is mainly depends on the insurance company know that a patient would have. Certain and Sharon’s companies will not allow treatment on the same day of an exam so that first visit where I only had an exam and no treatment and I left frustrated now I know that’s the reason why. So the girlfriend suggest that I make an appointment with her office but let them know that I do not have any insurance that I would be a self pay patient and so that’s what I did. That appointMeant blew me away. I got treat treated and I have never experience chiropractic but what the doctor did relieve me from years of pain it was amazing so I treated several more times and my pain was gone. This is when my opinion of chiropractic changed.

Who would benefit from chiropractic?

I believe that everyone can benefit from seeing a Tampa chiropractor. I say everyone because in a persons lifetime they are going to experience pain and discomfort. Maybe as a young child you injure your leg playing sports this will have an effect on your body maybe not immediately because you’re young and resilient but as you get older you may you most likely will experience some kind of pain in your leg or surrounding joints and muscles. Seeing a chiropractor and getting treatment early on can help future major pain. Additionally the average adult will experience some type of pain discomfort from as previously mentioned early injuries or just every day where in tear on your body. In your job if you have some type of job description that requires repetitive motions for example in front of a computer and always on your keyboard that will affect your wrists and your posture back so seeing a chiropractor can really be beneficial to help alleviate and maybe even prevent pain. Those experiencing pain will experience troublePerforming every day living skills in their jobs. If you’re experiencing pain that affects your work it’s a trickle down effect because it will start affecting everything else so that’s where it’s important to get treated before it gets worse and eventually could incapacitate you to where the healing will take much longer.

Athletes can benefit from seeing a Tampa chiropractor. This is because athletes use of their bodies go beyond the average adult non-athletes use of their bodies. When you’re an athlete you’re always using muscles tendons joints repetitively and pushing it to the limit more so than The average non-athlete. There are many benefits to chiropractic for athletes the elite athletes such as star football players Olympians are very vocal about their use of chiropractic. Even when not injured athletes use chiropractic to stay on top of their game not only does chiropractic assist with injuries it’s also beneficial in performance because chiropractic helps loosen stiff achy muscles and joints. As an athlete anything that can assist with your performance is going to help. They also the athletes also used chiropractic for prevention of injuries. For example if you have soreness in your back and you continue to perform and do not seek help in whatever issue you’re having that’s causing the soreness that will potentially lead to an injury. So once you feel soreness in your back as an athlete if you get chiropractic from a Tampa chiropractor then it can potential he save you from any major injuries. When you have an injury it takes much longer to heal when you wait to get treatment.

Chiropractic is helpful for your average individual in helping relieve pain due to injuries or every day repetitive motion it’s helpful for your work if you are performing with injuries. Chiropractic is extremely beneficial for athletes to help with recovery from injuries as well as prevention injury prevention and and performance enhancement. There are many many benefits to seeing at Tampa chiropractor.