Our Google and Video Reviews will give you honest and accurate testaments. Who decides who is the Tampa top chiropractors? Is it some company that you pay a fee to. Or is it public opinion based on public experiences? And this dog eat dog world I have found that you can buy almost anything if you have enough money. But the one thing thatÕs very difficult to buy is a reputation. I cannot afford to have people saying bad things about me. So I guard my reputation with my life. My mentor John Barnes has a saying that goes like this look beyond the labels. I have the label of a Tampa chiropractor. And with that label comes a lot of expectations. Patients who have been to a chiropractor before have some assumptions as to the way things are gonna go and they come into our clinic. Our process is a little different. When you enter our office we go out of our way to make you feel at home. The staff will offer you a coffee or water show you to the bathroom could you set up and make you comfortable. I realize that patients have a little extra fear in them going to a new place and having a new experience and we do everything we can to meet that situation with the utmost calm. We asked that you wear a tire that is appropriate for treatment for a man that would be shorts gym shorts preferably. For a woman or a female it would be a tank top and shorts or yoga pants or something similar. We promise to meet you where you are. WeÕre not here to judge you, weÕre here to help you.Our approach is unique and itÕs something that IÕm very proud of. If youÕre tired of jumping through all the hoops with your insurance company and getting nowhere and getting not getting better you might wanna try Cobb Rehab & Wellness. If you want to skip all of the hassle and all the bullshit that your insurance company put you through you might want to try Cobb Rehab & Wellness. If youÕve already been told that you have are arthritis and that you will have to live with it I disagree. If youÕve been told it youÕve already had surgery and itÕs as good as itÕll ever get I disagree. If youÕre someone whoÕs had a shoulder replacement or hip replacement or knee replacement surgery and you like mobility you still have stiffness and lack of motion in that area where you get pain in that area we can help you. If youÕre someone whoÕs had her lumbar spine surgery in the past or cervical spine surgery in the past and youÕre scared of ChiropractorÕs we can help you. With treating the connective tissue we never have to adjust anyone. ItÕs safe itÕs effective and it will not harm you. If youÕre tired of living with back pain sciatic pain pain numbness in the foot you should give us a call Cobb Rehab & Wellness. If youÕre looking for a Tampa chiropractor we suggest you call Cobb Rehab & Wellness.Dr. COBB has been a member of the Tampa community all his life. Dr. COBB loves and serves his community.If youÕre someone whoÕs been dealing with chronic pain headaches neck pain chronic back pain sciatic pain pain numbness in the arm pain in the foot toe the leg numbness in the hands pain in the hands any of these things please give us a call Cobb Rehab & Wellness. The connective tissue release treatments are really miraculous. I injured myself in the yard fell face first into the dirt. The next day I was unable to lift my coffee cup my left shoulder was in a lot of pain. The next day I went to the clinic and received treatment on my left shoulder. Left shoulder pain gone. The following day I heard in the next and the opposite shoulder the right shoulder. I got a treatment on my right shoulder. Shoulder pains gone. On day three I started hurting in my neck. I started receiving treatments on my neck. My neck took a lot longer than my shoulder pain. My neck pain probably lasted for about 10 weeks. I probably received at least 15 one hour treatments over that period of time. So sometimes it takes a little longer for some injuries to fully resolve. Everyone I know needs myofascial release work in their life. We all have wear and tear on our bodies. Our bodies require a certain amount of maintenance from a Tampa chiropractor in order to function at the optimal levels. ItÕs up to us to be good stewards of our bodies and take good care of them. That includes physical activity good nutrition adequate sleep rest IÕm trying to find the joy in your life. It also means doing some maintenance on your physical body and thatÕs what my flash releases its maintenance on your physical body. I had a patient that we will call Joe who was looking for a Tampa chiropractor. Joe was referred into me because he was having some breathing trouble and I was able to help his son so his son referred him to me. When he came in he was struggling to breathe. He couldnÕt walk far he had to sit down I could tell he was struggling to breathe. During observation of jam I noticed that one of her shoulders is I believe his left shoulder looked really damaged. He reported that he had broken his collarbone on that side when he was about 20 years old. Elite gym down face up and I pushed into that shoulder that was looking squeezed in and did some light compression followed by releasing of the peck muscles with an elbow. Joe experienced some really good releases in that area his left lung was able to open up expand he was able to breathe better and it was miraculous for Joe.Joe had driven over an hour from Claremont to Tampa to see Dr. COBB. Joe said that he heard a Dr. COBB was the best Tampa chiropractor.