Neck pain can be very complicated to treat. People want relief of their neck pain but how they got it is very important. Neck pain from trauma takes longer to heal the neck pain that you just woke up with. When patients come in with neck pain they usually also have headaches. The headaches can be more overpowering in the neck pain. So usually those patients come in with a combination of neck pain and headaches. Sometimes described as headaches first than neck pain. Many causes of neck pain including whiplash type injuries. Change in vision or visual glasses. Imbalances in blood sugar. Hey Cobb Rehab & Wellness we hope to help you get to the root cause of yourNeck pain and headaches. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and you’ve been looking for a Tampa chiropractor look no further than Bush Blvd., Tampa, FL cob rehab and wellness serving the barrier the bay area for 15 years. Man is Myofascial Release Orlando at are the bomb I would get one every day if I could I feel bad for people who don’t know what it’s like to get an hour treatment from a John Barnes train them off at release person. I get one to two a week and get one every day if I could we all need this treatment so good for the body soul in mind. Today Sunday it’s April I’m not sure the exact day maybe the eighth or ninth 10th but I got it this morning and I treated my son for one hour with my fast releaseI took about an hour break and then I treated my wife for an hour with my fashion release wish I could get a treatment Myofascial Release Orlando but not gonna happen.When I wake up in the mornings I really want to start my day off right. I brush my teeth and take a shower. I made coffee I cook a sandwich for my son I make a sandwich for myself. I try to start my day off right. I love to go to work I love to go to the office. I love trying to become the very best that I can be. I love trying to become the best Tampa chiropractor there is in Tampa. When I grow up I wanna be the best Tampa chiropractor in Tampa. I have a ball and as a chiropractor man. I’ve gone through all the bullshit stages. I’ve tried the new this they knew that the laser decay tape that all this shit everything works a little bit everything works a little bit but the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release Orlando a lot. It works a lot. Did John Barnes approach to mine. I did an intensive with John Barnes. What that entails is doing treatments three hours a day for five straight days. Had a cost of $280 an hour. Total cost about $404,800. No I said the total cost was about $4800. What an experience to receive three hours of Myofascial Release OrlandoFor five days straight. I wish everyone could have that experience it was pretty freaking awesome man. I’m taking 20 courses with John Barnes. I hope to take 20 more before I die. He has helped me to become the best Tampa chiropractor Tampa has ever seen. If I can only practice one that one technique one and only one. That technique would be the John F Barnes approach to mile facial release. Hands down the most effective thing I’ve ever used ever seen ever experienced in my life. My wife thinks they hype it up too much because she hasn’t had the experiences that I had. I love what I do. I love helping people. I hope I have the opportunity to help you. I do my best to give my best on a daily basis. I hope and pray that I can give you my best when the need arises. I honestly believe we’re the only place you wanna go with neck pain and headaches.We don’t use force. If I had neck pain and headaches Cobb Rehab & Wellness is the only place I would go. I know that Dr. COBB is the best Tampa chiropractor I could fine. I run into patients all the time and they tell me stories like yeah I remember you help me it was five years ago and you came into the office on Sunday for me man I remember that I never forget it. I hear stories like that it makes me grateful for what I do I do get to help these people sometimes I am a shining light in their life at some dark moment. I cherish the opportunity to help people. I do my best to love everyone as they are.A lot of times when you have pain in your body it can be trapped emotion. I’m getting to where I can recognize it better now with the experience that I’m getting in 15 years and eight years of doing myofascial release but I wanna be better I wanna be better for you the patients I wanna be better for my family for myself for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen amen.! I love the Lord thy God with all my heart. I want to be an instrument of God‘s will. I want God to use me as he sees fit Jesus Christ that God may God Jesus Christ amen. I had a patient will call her Paula. Paul’s neck froze up on her one day while she was burying her cat a cat that she had for about 15 years. Pauline went to doctors she had injections in her neck multiple I think she said six. Paul had been physical therapy for six months. Paul’s neck did not work at all. I saw Paula when I went into the post office. I spoke to her and told her that I thought I could help her. She was a little hostile at first but she gave in and she came in my office. We treated her body in a different way using the myofascial release techniques.When she left that day she scheduled for a couple more visits and she came in for a second visit informed us that she had canceled all her appointments for physical therapy and she would be doing all of her therapy in our facility and Cobb Rehab & Wellness because in her opinion I was the best Tampa chiropractor.