When you come into our office you will have a different experience than you’ve had in any other chiropractic office in your life. I used to do those things I would continue to do those things if they were effective. Most chiropractors don’t have time to evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment. They’re so busy trying to see 100 people a day to make ends work that they never take the time to figure out who’s getting better and who’s not. They go home at the end of the day completely wiped out and exhausted. They work overtime hours because of the demands of the paperwork. The government put more demands on us and everything that we do inspections for this inspections for that there’s a fee. The fire marshal shows up and does an inspection and has to give you a list of things to fix every year. We have the radiation inspection guy who comes and looks at our x-ray equipment is not even up and running and he says yep it’s still here here’s your fee for having it. I have to worry about continuing education with classes that offer me nothing in order to maintain my license. There’s business taxes there’s employee taxes there’s property taxes and among we have to somehow make enough money to pay the government Hinchman so that we can say hey we’re here we’re open for business. And then I have to deal with this kind of BS. Hey do you take my insurance. No we don’t accept your insurance I’m sorry they just don’t pay us. People are so upset that we don’t take their shitty insurance. I learned a long time ago from a friend of my name Jack. So come in today because we know how to get you feeling better. That at the end of the day I’m gonna go home either tired or hungry, but I refuse to go home tired and hungry. My father always told me that no one said that life was gonna be easy. However he didn’t tell me that life was gonna be very difficult. He did tell me there was gonna be rainy days and you need to save for those rainy days. He didn’t give me a lot of good advice while he was on this earth. I do love him I do miss him I do hope he’s doing well wherever he’s at. I hope that he can see me has an awesome Tampa chiropractor. All of the love inside of me I give credit to the Lord Jesus Christ for that and I give credit to my wonderful mother for that my mother taught me how to love. She taught me how to love people who deserved it. She taught me how to love people who did not deserve it. She taught me how to accept people. She taught me how to not judge people. I have a great deal to Jesus for blessing me with the two parents that he did. I wish I could’ve seen more love between the two of them as I was growing up. I did see how they perfectly complement complemented one another. I believe God pairs us up with people where we can draw from their strengths and we can support their weaknesses. Jesus Christ is a mighty healer. Jesus Christ is the best Tampa chiropractor. If your chiropractor doesn’t have Jesus Christ in him then you should find another. You’re probably spending your wheels there. I’ve had 15 years in this business to evolve. In the old days you’d come in and get your physical exam and you get put on electric muscle stem somebody would do some x-rays that’ll be the end of your first visit. You come back for your second visitWhen you come back for your second visit they discuss what’s on your x-rays and give you a plan of treatment and then they continuously do the same three or four things over and over and over and if it works God bless you and if it doesn’t at least we can bill for all that stuff. And that was the business model and is still currently the business model and 99% of chiropractors on the planet. Our business model is quite different. We hardly ever use electric muscle stimulation even though we have it here. We don’t believe that the adjustment is the end or he’ll all cure all to everyone’s problems. Our promise to you is to meet you where you are. No matter who you are no matter where you are in life we will meet you where you are and not pass judgment on you for any reason. We are here to help you we don’t want you to come here and fit in our box. We can adjust we can add and flow with you and your needs. When you come in and we go into the consult room I tell you my story I try to do it in three minutes. I show you an image of the connective tissue the facia so that you can build the pictures in your mind of what’s going on inside your body. You have the opportunity to accept what I tell you or you can reject it makes no difference to me. I’m helping you in the best way that I know how. After the consult with you and we look at your body. We look for things that are out of symmetry. We look for a hit the tire than the other, or a shoulder that squeezed into tight, or maybe your foot is stuck in external rotation. Anything that we see that’s out of symmetry that is an area of concern for us. The biggest distortion in your body is where I want to work first. It may be where you feel pain and it may be far away from where you feel pain.This process is what makes us different from any other Tampa chiropractor you come across.