A visit to a Tampa Chiropractor will help alleviate a tremendous amount of pain and the bonus of icing is that icing helps to tone down the inflammation which is the pain that you’re feeling the bone is part of icing is also that you you will heal faster with icing. The way Tampa chiropractor Dr. Gregory Cobb likes to explain this situation is that if you hit your thumb with a hammer you feel the blood rushing up and you feel the pounding the rushing of the blood is your body coming in doing its job to help calm the inflammation when you put heat like most people will do over your thumb that inflammation is gonna get worse the blood rushing the the pain the swelling will be worse as opposed to using ice you put ice on there and the swelling will go down and that’s the explanation that he gets to patients so that they can really understand the effects on ice when it comes to pain. Another way a Tampa chiropractor can help you with your back pain is by doing an examination. On your first visit you will receive a thorough examination which includes orthopedic testing review of systems and past history good afternoon Dr. Cobb‘s office how can I help you hello. All this information that you provide to the doctor as well as the testing is part of the examination that can help determine where your issue is and how to treat it in many cases patients will come in and say that their leg hurts that they’re having difficulty walking and often often times it is a result of low back injury or low back pain that just radiates to your legs. So an examination is very important as part of your care from a Tampa chiropractor. The next step part of this examination as well well look at any medication that you’ve been taking in the reason for this is if you’re heavily sedated or you’re taking pain pills muscle relaxers we highly suggest that you don’t take it the day of your treatment and the reason for this is because it doesn’t give us an accurate indication of your progress. When you’re on pain medication orMuscle relaxers you’re able to extend your body your back your legs wherever you’re hurting a little bit more than average because your sensitivity to pain in touch is diminished.

After it’s determined that your pain is coming from your back attack Tampa chiropractor will feel your body and if it’s feeling really stiff where an immediate adjustment will not be effective and could possibly aggravate the pain then Dr. Cobb will perform a therapy called connective tissue release. The importance of this therapy is to loosen The facia that has tightened up around the injury or hurt region. Whenever you injure any area of your body your body‘s defense mechanism mechanisms take into play and the Basha will tighten up all around it to try to protect it if you look at it this way if you’re injured and you don’t have that stiffness and protection then it will be very very easy to re-injure the same area or continue to injure the area which will make it worse. So your body tightens up typically when your body is tight unlike many chiropractors Dr. Cobb will not adjust you. The reason for this is that he has experienced throughout the years he’s been in practice that an adjustment while your body is stiff will make the pain worse or worsen the injury and the last thing he wants is to hurt you even more. In fact many patients are so scared of adjustments we have many that come in that don’t even get adjusted they’re just satisfied with the therapy connective tissue release. So Dr. Cobb Tampa chiropractor will give patients 30 minutes of connective tissue release and then he will assess if your body is ready for an adjustment. In my own personal experience when I am really hurt I know my body is not ready for an adjustment so I’ll get connective tissue release and I will actually start feeling better from the first treatment however I will continue to treat and by the third treatment let’s say for example it’s not always the same depending on how hurt I am my body will then be ready for an adjustment and the adjustment is like the the icing on the cake when my body is ready for an adjustment I know That the connective tissue release is healing my body and the adjustment gets back aligned. Typically I may need to only come one or two more treatments after that and I’m good for the next time when something happens I overwork my back a do something to myself. Most often I get my pain from overworking my back I’ll go out there feeling good now work all day outside and boy. I suspect I have a herniated disc and I find it interesting that it is not uncommon for many of us to have bulging herniated discs even I’ve seen patients as young as seven years old which is uncommon to have a herniated disc at that age. But there as an adult it’s truly not uncommon for us to have herniated discs just because of what we’ve done with our bodies throughout our lifetime and if you’ve experienced any type of trauma through auto accidents or Sports injuries. The one thing that I have found is that there are many of us with herniated disc in fact the majority of us learn to live with it and just know and be more in tune with our bodies and we will know when to seek treatment. I would never consider back surgery unless it is so severe through an MRI that you know I can’t manage it. So as I previously stated I believe I have a herniated disc but through chiropractic and connective tissue releaseI’ve been able to manage it.

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