Have you ever experienced shoulder pain where you have difficulty lifting your arm because of the pain on your shoulder? We get a large number of patients who come in with shoulder pain sometimes so severe that they have no range of motion on their shoulder. This is what some will called frozen shoulder or locked shoulder. dr. Cobb Tampa chiropractor does tremendous work in alleviating shoulder pain. In addition he not only works on the symptoms which is just the pain he will look to see the cause of the pain. If you are experiencing shoulder pain what you could expect at our clinic with Dr. Cobb at Tampa chiropractor is an examination and he will review your history your symptoms any medication you may be taking and give you some testing orthopedic testing and then we’ll determine a treatment plan. Most patients will treat with connective tissue release in order to get their body loose and prepare for possibly an adjustment if they want it. You’ll hear that often in these articles “if they want it“. The reason for this is although Dr. Cobb is a Tampa chiropractor he never pushes an adjustment on individuals who don’t want one.

There are many many individuals who are not familiar with chiropractic and what they think is cracking the neck whipping the neck forcibly hearing the bones crack in it instills fear in them. In contrast you have other patients who have experience chiropractic and they that’s what they want is the popping in the bone crunching. Dr. Cobb has come across numerous patients who are not comfortable with getting adjusted. Many of them have maybe experience chiropractic before or haven’t ever had chiropractic but what the fear is is that I don’t know where he’s just gonna crack your neck. That is one thing that we want to reassure all of our patients is that doctor called Tampa chiropractor would or will not ever adjust you Number one your body is not ready and more most importantly is if you don’t want an adjustment.

The beauty of that is we offer connective tissue release here and it is just as powerful as an adjustment. I used to think no I gotta have I gotta get adjusted I gotta get adjusted that’s only way I’m gonna feel this pain relief. I would get adjusted frequently almost obsessively and I still would experience my pain and then I started getting connective tissue release and surprisingly which I thought would never happen either for the most part don’t get adjusted anymore it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me as I previously stated I had to have that adjustment and because I work here it’s easy to get the adjustment and I would get adjusted frequently because I would experience pain so when Dr. Cobb‘s Tampa chiropractor started his journey with connective tissue release I was very skeptical and I thought why I’m still always gonna need chiropractic. Now I’m not wrong in my thoughts that I will always need chiropractic it’s just the fact that I definitely do not need it’s so frequently like I used to. I would say we’re about 85% of my treatment now is connective tissue release without an adjustment and periodically when my body feels like you know I after I get the connective tissue release that I would want to get adjusted I’ll get adjusted. Amazingly if I’m really hurt but my body is not ready for an adjustment and I know it and I do not want it, the connective tissue release is just really it’s just so hard to put it in words what it does for my body.

Interestingly there are times when I feel like I just want an adjustment only and this is when things get interesting because it can be a tossup I can get an adjustment and everything was fine or on the flipside I’ll get an adjustment my body is so stiff and really not ready for it but that’s what I want so I get it and it actually makes it worse so I have to follow it up with connective tissue release. So here at Cobb Rehab & Wellness doctor called Tampa chiropractor will not only adjust you in fact he won’tI just you if that’s not what you want. And he certainly wouldn’t ever surprise you by pretending he’s not gonna give you an adjustment and turn around and do it. So we have two effective pain relieving therapies and that’s the chiropractor and connective tissue release. Depending on age your situation and the type of injury that you have Dr. Cobb will typically start a connective tissue release first and then if you want and he feels that your body is ready for it he will give you a chiropractic adjustment. Here at Cobb Rehab & Wellness we will meet you where you’re at. Many patients are very fearful of the thought of a crack in their neck through their back and that’s not something you will get if you don’t want it. Unfortunately there have been many chiropractors in the field that are known to surprise you just so you won’t stiff and up and give you an adjustment and that is not what you will experience hereAt Cobb Rehab & Wellness. Depending on your age and many factors such as your type of injury often your body isn’t even ready for a chiropractic adjustment.

So there are stories out there where a patient describes going to a chiropractor and are unknowingly adjusted because the doctor wanted to distract them to insure a good adjustment. This has been the experience of so many because we hear about this quite often. Many chiropractors use this technique because oftentime, a person who is getting ready for an adjustment will stiffen up. When you are stiff, it is extremely difficult to get a good adjustment. Some patients appreciate the distraction. Many reactions are of shock. The thing that they all do is share their experience with friends and family regardless if it results in a positive experience, one of laughter or one of horror. This keeps so many people who haven’t tried chiropractic far away. There are chiropractors now who specialize is techniques that require no adjustment. These doctors receive good feedback but there are a number of patients who get disappointed because they don’t get the results they expect. Dr. Cobb would never allow an adjustment without your knowledge. For many patients that come to treat, Connective Tissue Release is all that they want. There are those that want a ‘quick’ adjustment and depending on your overall situation considering degree of injury, age and medical history, Dr. Cobb can offer that. Personally, from my experience, a combination of both has been extremely effective. The great thing about coming to Cobb Rehab & Wellness is that Dr. Cobb will meet you where you’re at.

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