Here at Cobb rehab and wellness we believe that it is court to be to live pain free for healthy and flourishing life. One of the ways we help you with pain free is by connective tissue release. We are one of the top Tampa chiropractor that do connective tissue release. When we do connective tissue release we are working on your fascia.

Fascia is part college and part a lasting friends through your body is connected from your head to your foot. It surrounds all of your cells and it continues in the space that is in between cells. Connective tissue is something that is going to be sought shock absorber inside your body. Connective tissue is something that is going to help protect all of your vital workings during different times of stress. Going to help protect your organs during things such as high impact things like sports or getting into a car accident. During these times of stress in high impact your connective tissue is going to tighten up to protect the muscles and organs.

When you connective tissue tightens that it will become stuck at certain points decreasing range of motion and causing the whole pain. When you do our connective tissue release time relief and able to go back to a normal life you good and get your range of emotion back. Dr. Cobb started doing connective tissue release in his chiropractic clinic in 2014. He has seen many patients forever and enjoy healthy life after experiencing connective tissue release. Dr. Cobb is one of the only connective tissue offices in Florida.. If search for a solution to your pain have made the final destiny will help you because we use different methods than other chiropractic clinics. We want to be your Tampa chiropractor.

There are many reasons to see Tampa chiropractor one of them is back pain as well as joint pain and stiffness. We want to help you with your hip or shoulder pain as well as helping you to heal faster from surgical procedures. The common things will come and see us for is hip replacement or shoulder replacement. Most common surgery in the United States right now is new replacement and he will help you recover from the surgeries as fast as possible. We will help you rehab exercises make sure that doing anything to the person your pain. Make sure that everything we do is comfortable with you always open and upfront exercises that have you do what makes you feel uncomfortable or say. We promised that to make it tissue release is something that you to do. You have worked in manual labor you are sure to have some thought in your back we would help get those out you can continue working at an excellent base.

Likely more about our office and our business you can reach us at and 813-914-8500. Cannot wait to be your Tampa chiropractor and help you live a healthier life. Because you have the best customer service and the most advanced treatment to help you get back pain free life.

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Here at Cobb chiropractic rehab and wellness, Tampa Chiropractor we would love to help you with sports injuries. We know sports are one of the top things that you can do in life to have fun growing up in shape. It was very refreshing to deal with pain with love playing sports. If you have a sports injury we can help. We specialize in sports injuries as well as auto injuries especially if you’re suffering from back or spinal pain we want to get back on the field court whatever it is as fast as possible so you continue your sports career.

Here in Florida we have amazing weather all year. Some of the reasons that Florida, Tampa Chiropractor has many personal and relational ports. Will come to Florida for many reasons to compete in pro and semi professional sports. Also traveled here enjoy a variety of recreational sports people think so many sports here in Florida this is going to result in more sports injuries and normal. If many different professional training facilities in the state love you if you have suffered a sports related injury. We can help you if you are in school all the way up to if you are an elderly person who still out there trying to compete and enjoy some nice recreation.

When you are in school growing up that is the most common time for people to play sports. We know this time goes by fast have to miss any of years you have the will to put sports because of injury. We can also give you advice on what to do to prevent injury from happening next time. Make sure that you have a speedy recovery we know that you are serious about your support and want to continue competing as fast as possible. We have successfully treated many many sports injuries. Come and see New York healing process whether it is in joint movement or if it is in rebuilding muscle strength we can coach you to be exercises to make sure are back in action as fast as possible. Dr. Cobb has been a certified chiropractic sports practitioner for over a decade.

You get certified as a certified chiropractic sports practitioner through the American chiropractic board of sports physicians. To get this tradition you through a lot of training and pass an extensive examination. The subscription requires ongoing education that is sports related. Her therapist have knowledge of all types of sports injuries and mechanics. We know what type of sort because what type of injury and how to best treat it. We are dedicated to ongoing learning the best treatment possible.

If you’d like to find a Tampa chiropractor are rehab and wellness center is the top of the line. You can go to our website at and 813-914-8500 and look at some of our testimonials to find all of the excellent customers we have served and see how happy they are with their service. Give us call in we would be happy to schedule you for your first appointment.