If you are a loved one who has currently been in a car accident and is having chronic pain in any of your extremities or part of your body, then the Tampa chiropractor at Cobb rehab Wellness is going to be the best option for you. We want to help take care of any of your needs whenever it comes to the pain that you can be living in.

‘Accidents happen and we’re here to help you move forward and live your life previous life before the accident. We have an amazing chiropractor who actually specialized 500 hours for car accidents.

At Tampa chiropractor, we also specialize in pretty much Full Body Chiropractic pain relief. Whenever you sign up or come in for an appointment with us we actually diagnose to get to your root cause of the problem. Instead of just doing a few adjustments and sending you on your way. The kind of Practice that is like that can actually cause more long-term pain and a bigger issue. We want to have you come into our chiropractic clinic and not need to come back. You would rather earn the loyalty and Trust of all of our patients that were going to do the best we can to fix any chronic pain after having nerve damage.

At Tampa chiropractor, we also do a new highly effective Innovative treatment for connective tissue release! this is a form of physical therapy that is gentle and it is similar to a deep tissue massage. I’m like a massage, we put pressure on target areas we are connective tissue surrounding the muscle and bones. This pressure is going to release the Restriction in connective tissue to help relieve the pain. This is going to allow for a greater range of motion and you’ll feel immediate relief. These problems can actually occur from a new or old injury, over-exercising, daily stress, or sleeping in the wrong position.

We want to ensure that you’re consistently getting the best care that we have to offer end with r techniques and skills that we have this unique therapy for patients have been reported to feel great for a long-term effect not just the short-term. We are here to help you sustain a pain-free status for a long. Of time after knee surgery, accident, or just day-to-day movement activity. We want to help you get back to your average day-to-day life before you started experiencing all the pain. Many of our patients feel immediate results after their first treatment and we would love for you to go to our website to read all of our reviews.

If you feel like that this is something that you can benefit from or would like to come and see us to get more additional information you can give us a call at (813) 914-8500 we can go to our website at https://cobbrehabwellness.com/ for a list of services and testimonies to get a better idea of what we are about. We hope to see you soon so we can fix any extremity or full-body painful issues that you can be experiencing!

Tampa Chiropractor | Connective Tissue Release

If you or someone you know is having connective tissue pain then you should stop into Cobb rehab Wellness for an amazing Tampa chiropractor. We offer a new Innovative highly effective alternative treatment for connective tissue release. All of our chiropractors have gone under over 500 of extensive training and we continue to go through ongoing training to improve our understanding, skills, and techniques for this unique therapy treatment. When you get this treatment done it’s like a deep tissue massage but we target the area of Pain by putting pressure until your muscle releases.

When you are looking for a Tampa chiropractor then we’re going to be the best option because we are very diverse in our training and we continue to try to take time out of the schedule to undergo ongoing training for education purposes. When you come to our offices we will ensure that you were getting the top quality chiropractors in the Tampa area for all of our patients. We want to ensure that you’re not coming into a chiropractic office it’s just going to get you in do a small adjustment and get you out. We want to find a root cause and create a long-term relief of pain instead of having you come in weekly for something that’s not actually helping.

At other Tampa chiropractors, some will have you come in and do an adjustment and an area that can actually make your original injury worse rather than benefit your root cause. We will consistently offer treatment plans it’s going to benefit your budget and be time efficient as well. We started to go through this innovative connective tissue release course because we’ve had patients come in with pain in the adjustments were creating a short-term really and we wanted to find the root cause to give our patients long-term relief.

We also offer services that can benefit you after extensive surgeries like hip replacement and shoulder replacement. We’ve had patients come in that we’ve done adjustments on and they’ve been back on the golf course within a time period of a little over a week. Our main driving focus is to make sure that you’re coming in to get the correct adjustments and not have to come back. Not that we don’t want to see you back at our clinic but we want you to be able to live a pain-free life for a long-term effect. We always try to pinpoint and Target the specific areas of concern so we can help treat and our professionals can you use varying degrees of pressure and movements.

If this is something that you seem like you can benefit from or someone you know that we would love for you to visit our website at https://cobbrehabwellness.com/ for any additional information on connective tissue release. We would love for you to call us over the phone at (813) 914-8500 to schedule an appointment to discuss some of the areas and issues that you’re having so we can pinpoint and create a plan that’s going to benefit you the most.