Your health is one of the most important things you can work on to have a happy and successful life. That called rehab wellness we have been serving patients for a decade and a half. We are located close to the Busch Gardens in would love to be your Tampa Chiropractor. We are not your basic chiropractic clinic.

Giving you high quality care is our goal. You want to meet each of your individual needs make sure that we are taking care of your specific problems. There are many reasons come to a chiropractor. Some of us come because we are suffering from soft tissue injuries. We are soft tissue injury there is nothing that a doctor or hospital can do besides prescribe you some pain medication. No pain medication does not solve any of our problems it just masks the pain. The loneliness could temporarily make it worse we want to actually fix the problem at the root of your soft tissue injury. We utilize integrative medicine in treating our patient. We don’t dismiss what the doctors work right next to them hand-in-hand with them to make sure that we can give you an overall healthy recovery. We prefer not use any drugs to treat your pain to let the body heal naturally unless it is an extreme circumstance. We have patients that come from all over Florida to Cobb rehab and wellness to seek treatment. Come to us to be your Tampa chiropractor.

Many people are skeptical of some treatments that chiropractor soon. Some people are afraid of being cracked by a chiropractor. If that is something that you are afraid of thin we will not do that. It would be straightforward in the front with you. And that is not the only treatment that we can do so if you got like the cracked we can do other things to help you as well. Some patients are not good candidates for chiropractic adjustment including some of those with soft tissue injuries. We will not do anything that is not safe you can trust us we are in good hands. We offer some connective tissue release that will be easy alternative to puffing your bones. All of our therapists including Dr. Cobb have in excess of 500 hours of training in connective tissue release.

If you would like to see some of our connective tissue release testimonials and check out our website see the help that it has been able to give them. Make sure that you are feeling great and let you know that we are not the basic chiropractic clinic that you are used to go above and beyond to make sure that you are feeling good in a safe and comfortable way. Dr. Cobb got his doctorate of chiropractic in 2007 he is excited to work with you to prove your life and make sure that you are feeling better soon as possible.

You like to learn more about coffee had wellness you can visit us at and 813-914-8500. You can look at all of the services that we offer as well as some reviews that you can see all the satisfied customers that we had also check us out on Facebook and YouTube. Happy to be your Tampa chiropractor.

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If you live in chronic pain that is no way to live life. Here at Cobb rehab and wellness there many conditions that you will be able to treat. When the most condition that we treat is helping to relieve chronic headaches. We know that having a headache is a miserable time. It’s painful and puts you in a bad mood doesn’t allow you to focus like you should be able to. We would love to be able to help you of those annoying and frustrating headaches. Come to us to be your Tampa chiropractor.

Chiropractic care going to use the combination of passive exercises and spinal manipulation. Character is also going to include some massaging. These often use for headache management and prevention. There are multiple ways that chiropractic care can help manage your headaches. There are different types of headaches including tension, migraine, and cervicogenic headaches. When you have a tension type headache this is, present as being like tension that is near the head. If you have a migraine type headache results in pain on one side of the head and may be accompanied by sensitivity to lights and nausea. If you have a server genic headache the source of the problem is most likely going to be the next. Sometimes it may be perceived that the pain is in your head or face the neck is causing the problem.

There many different reasons that headaches may start. Because of headaches is not completely understood but there are multiple reasons that me happen including neck stiffness or stress. There are several ways that chiropractor can help manage your headache pain. The treatment options is soft tissue therapy. Soft tissue therapy is going to relieve pain in your neck in your shoulders pull and strain on your head causing that headache. We can also help educate you change your lifestyle. Sometimes depending on how you are sitting it may be putting stress on your head in her neck. You didn’t want to have to take pain relievers over and over to help relieve headaches you don’t believe continuous taking pills is a healthy or viable long-term option. We are the top Tampa chiropractor.

Another chiropractor can help your headache is by manual therapy on your neck. You may have tightness spinal cord in really tightness will help relieve for headache. Defendant’s techniques work we will be able to help refer you to someone who can better look at your headache pain to see if there is another cause. We are the Tampa chiropractor who can best help with your headache in your pain. Would love to be able to check you out were not to do anything that you are not comfortable with interest that we will always be upfront and honest with what is going on that we can give you the best service and make you feel careful while you’re here.

If you like to learn more about the company you can reach us at and 813-914-8500. We would love to be your Tampa chiropractor.