I was 25 years old and I woke up with debilitating back pain so severe and I was unable to get out of the bed. I called my brother and told him that he needed to take me to this Tampa chiropractor on 56 street. My brother literally carried me to the car and carried me into the office. I was adjusted from the tip of my tail bone to the top of my score and 80% of my pain was relieved instantly! I walked out of the office and was able to go to work the same day and I was astonished. My experience was so profound that I decided that I wanted to be a Tampa chiropractor. I went back to high school to receive my high school diploma. I then enrolled in community college received my AA. I didn’t enroll in university of Tampa to receive my bachelors in science. How was excepted to Palmer College of chiropractic. Now I was on my way to becoming a great Tampa chiropractor. After a 10 year journey from high school to college to grad school in 2007 I graduated with my degree in chiropractic. I didn’t bother practice on Bush Boulevard and fulfilled my dream of becoming a great Tampa chiropractor. In April 2008 Cobb Rehab & Wellness was born I bought the existing body spinal center I worked with Dr. Bodie for six months and then I took over the practice. I learned things from Dr. Bodie that I liked and I learned things from Dr. Bodie that I did not agree with. Over the years I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and implement the most effective treatments while eliminating knows that I believe we’re not very effective. I’ve had the rare opportunity to evolve that most others never have the opportunity to do because they work for someone else. One of the things I’ve learned over the years was that chiropractic alone is very effective for very young people in their teens and 20s however when you’re dealing with people in their late 30s and older I noticed that chiropractic alone did not seem to yield the expected results. So in my quest to find that healing I discovered the John F Barnes Pro Chimayo fashion release. I found this approach to be the most complete approach to authentic healing of chronic conditions. I took my first class with John Barnes in January 2014. And it has changed the way in which I view the human body and the way in which I treat the human body. During that 20 hour course with John Barnes I was able to leave eight years of low back pain and sciatic pain in that class and I carry with me every day of my life for eight years keep in mind I was a chiropractor, and keep in mind I’ve tried everything that chiropractic had to offer, and the relief I got was minimal. My experience with John Barnes was so profound that I immediately signed up for two more class. I have currently taken 20 classes with John Barnes and will continue to take classes as long as I am physically and financially capable. My goal in life is to be the very Best Tampa chiropractor possible! My promise to my patience is to give them the very best of my talent experience and knowledge on every single visit. I believe that God has taken me down this path and I believe that I have found my true calling. That’s my hope that I honor God and my efforts to help humanity from its suffering. I know that none of this would’ve been capable would’ve been capable of happening without God‘s hand in it. For ultimately God is the healer and I am merely a vessel of his love his glory and his compassion. I was born in Tampa General. Tampa is my home. These people I serve on my brothers and sisters. I’m comfortable treating newborn babies. I’m comfortable treating someone that’s over 100 years old. Another lesson I have learned is that everyone is not ready for healing. If someone is not ready for healing, I can’t force them to heal, I can’t force them to feel anything. Sometimes people get worse no matter what you do it’s a rare thing but it does happen. Even the best Tampa chiropractor can’t solve everyone’s problems. At the end of the day my goal is to give you my very best. As long as I’ve done that I go home and feel that I’ve done my best and I’m at peace with that. I have a 16-year-old son who runs cross country and track for our local high school. I went to watch one of his events I saw him running and I could tell that he was hurt bad and my heart went out to him but I was so grateful that I was there. Because I got to see the deficits. I can see how one leg was really tight and the hip wasn’t working very good I could see the other side was working very hard probably causing him a lot of pain. I dedicated six treatments to him that day in my mind that I would treat him every day for six days one hour treatments and see what it did for him. Results were astonishing. Now my son asked for treatment on a regular basis. As a high-level athlete I think it is required to stay at the top of your game. These treatments have not only help me with my physical body but they have also helped me with my mind and my spiritual life. I really believe they kind of help bring the body and the mind and the spirit back together and it with a sense of unity. I performed a myofascial release treatment on my son today. He had complaints of pain down the left lateral leg hip to knee. He had secondary complaint of right being right knee pain. When I was working inHis left Gluth tremendous amount of energy was released the Gluth was firing very rapidly his knee was contracting lead going into flexion hip started rolling his toes started fluttering.