I grew up poor youngest of five children. My parents were lower middle class. We didn’t go hungry but we didn’t have the best of things either. I think my parents did pretty good for us. When I was growing up I didn’t know that college would even be a possibility in my family. When you have five kids I guess you’re happy for them to graduate high school and start making their own way in life. When I was afforded the opportunity to go to college I decided I must take it. I was able to lay out a plan. It was a 10 year plan they would take me from no high school diploma to having a doctorate in chiropractic. I laid it out in a timeline, I laid it out financially, and I thought if I needed to execute it I had to do it right away. It was a really cool journey. I did enjoy I did enjoy it for the most part. I would do it again. I think God every day for my wife and my son. My wife and my son help me to be the very best Tampa chiropractor I can be. I think God for Jesus I think Jesus or Jesus I think everyone for Jesus in Jesus name. So you tell me how does a middle-class average redneck grow up to be a Tampa chiropractor? Well I believe his recipe was a series of events that was orchestrated by an Almighty God. I believe the God orchestrated me meeting I love of my life. I believe God orchestrated our union.I believe God ushered in my son. I believe timing is a perfect thing. I can’t believe I’ve been in business for 15 years and we have struggled for so long for so much. If you’ve had pain in your arm or your shoulder going into your neck you’ve had numbness and tingling pins and needles you should give us a call Cobb Rehab & Wellness we help people with that every day. If you’ve been dealing with sleepless nights having trouble getting to sleep if you’ve been having trouble turning off your thinking brain we can help you with that Cobb Rehab & Wellness give us a call 813-914-8500. If you’ve ever woke up and had a crook in your neck and had debilitating pain every time you turn your neck we work on that every dayWe are your premier Tampa chiropractor. Have you ever injured your back and had something in a pain in your legs and buttocks that week or sciatica. It’s a pain that goes down your butt cheek into your leg of her all the way to the foot area could stop anywhere along the chain. It feels like a dog like a toothache running down your leg and in your butt cheek. Sometimes you get it in the front it’s not really sciatica they’re in the tack something else called the femoral nerve gives you a very similar pain but it’s in the front of the leg in the quadricep I can still go off all the way to the foot however it will usually go to the top of the foot if you’re feeling the pain in the front of the leg. This pain whether you feel it in the back of the leg the front of the leg side of the leg just in the foot just send a tow just in the cab this pain is coming from your back. You have five vertebrae in your low back. The nerve to come out of those vertebrae make your legs work. You can have pain in your leg that has nothing to do with your leg it’s coming from your back.And Cobb Rehab & Wellness at Cobb rehab and wellness we specialize in treating these conditions.We are located at 4205 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa FL 33617. Our contact phone number is 813-914-8500. Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment today. Your health is our first priority. I really help I really hate telling people that I’m a chiropractor. Because everyone’s had an experience with the chiropractor and they’re gonna project out on you if it was a bad experience and they’re concerned about a bad experience with you if it was a good experience you may get the fortunate of them thinking they’re gonna have a good experience with you and it may and may not be there are a lot of factors involved for instance if someone saw Chiropractor and they were 30 years old and they had great results in one or two times and saw their problem now they’re back and they’re 60 years old their expectations are that when they were 30 it doesn’t quite work out that way. Over the years I’ve had to why are these things I’ve had to take into account the things that I have learned in the clinical setting the difference the variations of maybe someone’s age someone’s fitness or lack of fitness those sorts of things depending on the types of treatments that I think would be beneficial and not counterproductive for these patients these are things that I have to weigh in Bible every day no one understands that especially in a business model. It is a a balancing act with patients giving them what they need but they can handle without over doing it. I love my patience and I try to give them my very best on every treatment that is my goal. The only thing I can promise you when you come in my office is that I will give you my very best on every treatment. I make no other promises that’s the only one.
I hope that we have the opportunity to help you experience the John F Barnes approach to myofascial release. What a profound experience it can be for a lot of people who are willing to take their breaks off let go and just feel and stop thinking and stop analyzers and everything. For those who are able to let go there are tremendous rewards. For those who are not willing to fully let go there are still some rewards the man are you missing out on the full contextOf the John Barnes myofascial release approach. No matter who you are no matter where you are no matter where you live do yourself a favor find someone who practices the John F Barnes Maya fashion release approach and give them a call and schedule an appointment and if they happen to live in Tampa and they happen to be at Tampa chiropractor they could be me and that could be really good for you. Cool