Dr.Cobb has a specialty in sports chiropractic. He has successfully treated numerous high school and collegiate athletes with a multiple variety of injuries. From low back pain too but it pain to pain in the knees and legs from strain shoulders to sprain necks and backs we trademark Aubrey have them on us. The majority of patients when they come in they have already seek care somewhere else. The care that they received was the equivalent to muscle relaxers anti-inflammatories with instructions to rest. Sometimes they’ve gone to physical therapy and I’ve done that for two or three months with no relief of their pain. When they come in to us we look at the body in a different way we examine the body for symmetry or lack there of symmetry and we treat the areas that are most out of balance with the bodies on natural state of symmetry. The connective tissue releaseSpeaks for itself. If you have a son or a daughter that is a middle school or high school or college athlete you are in need of our services more than you know. I see these young athletes with injuries that no one is treating these kids are suffering and it’s uncalled for they need to get this Myofascial Release Orlando. Being Spotify being certified. Being certified in sports means being able to spot an injury soon before we normally present in your office. Things such as a concussion on the field will present much differently the following day then it would five minutes after the onset of the impact. Has a sports chiropractor we are exposed to those sure those sorts of traumas. I was the high school team doctor when I first got out of school in 2008 2009 for King high school. As such I was responsible to be at their games on Friday nights. During those games I witnessed some pretty hard hits and some concussions and some kids having to be taken to the hospital byAmbulance. I saw the kid take a hit going up for the balls or receiver I knew he got his bell wrong he came to the sideline and he was very aggressive unusual behavior for him according to his teammates I immediately went over to the EMTs told them that we had a concussion situation and that I thought they needed to transport this kid to the hospital. I broke up the potato chip party for the EMTs they were not happy about it I’ll tell him we’re about 80 pounds overweight and really looking forward to eating all of the Doritos and fruitThey were really looking forward to a night of no activity. So I wasn’t popular that night. Kids mother was upset with me didn’t want her kid to go to the hospital. Coach was upset with me didn’t want to lose his star receiver. Good times volunteering to be a coach for high school football I mean a team doctor for high school football.And this gentleman come in my office named Bill Bill had pain in his right elbow tennis elbow Bill golfs a lot that was really concerned that he wasn’t able to golf 34 days a week because of his tennis elbow. I told Bill I thought we could take care of that form told him probably three or 41 hour visits. And I thought that would probably take care of 80 to 90% of his elbow problem. He committed to four treatments I believe Bill did six treatments actually take care of his elbow problem he left a very happy golfer and then I saw him return maybe two months later for a back problem. I treated Bill for his back I think three times. And he haven’t seen him ever since. Bill came fromValrico to Tampa to visit Cobb Rehab & Wellness because he heard that we were the best tampa chiropractor. Bill was so pleased with our services that he referred his wife to us. She came in with low back pain and sciatic pain in her legs. She committed to a handful of treatments and was also a very satisfied customer. She loved her so much she referred her son Bill Junior to us. Bill Junior came in because he had some issues with his jaws temporomandibular dysfunction. When Bill came in his teeth didn’t meet when he closed his mouth and I thought it was the strangest thing. He explained to me theThat he had braces and this is the way that his mouth was after 3 to 4 years of wearing braces. He said he has pain all the time and he has trouble chewing his teeth don’t meet in the front. So Bill came in and I told him that we need to see him a minimum of about 12 times he agreed he came in he did a 30 minute session he said he could tell that we his teeth have moved. Bill Junior was so pleased with our services he referred his sister I’ve been having low back pains from years of riding horses. Hey sister or Carmargo came in for low back pain and upper back pain after being thrown from a horse a few times over the years. Margot came in for approximately 2 to 3 visits got some relief from her low back pain. I recently had a patient who was thrown from a horse she said she found me searching for Tampa’s Tampa chiropractor. She said that she had also had a personal referral from someone who’s been in in the past. She said she been to other chiropractors before but nothing wasAs profound as the experience she had in our facility. She said that she was so glad that she had search Google that day for Chiropractor Tampa. Then she came back and told me she wasn’t sure she thought she might’ve searched for Tampa Chiropractor.And that my friends is a Day in the life of this Tampa chiropractor. So be sure to give our shop a visit, because we absolutely know how to take care of you.