At Cobb Rehab & Wellness we use a unique approach to the human structure. We evaluate the body for fascial restrictions. Fascia is a strong collagenous connective tissue that runs throughout your body uninterrupted from head to foot. It runs through everything in the body, Muscles bones tendons ligaments skin hair nails. There is nowhere in your body where faucet does not exist. When someone hears of a chiropractor they think they know what I’m gonna do because I’ve been to another chiropractor in the past and their experiences are very similar. When you come to my office you don’t know what I’m going to do to you because I don’t know what I am going to do to you until I look at your body. I will read your body language. Your body has a language that’s all it’s on. What the body says and what the mouth says are never consistent. Most people are chasing pain what the mouth says. We find the pain and search elsewhere for the cause. You could go to 10 other Tampa chiropractors and not have a single experience similar to what you would have in my office. We evaluate the body for symmetry. We look for things that are out of symmetry. For example your right hip may look higher than your left hip. Your right hip may have an anterior rotation compared to your left hip. These are the discrepancies that we’re looking for. Perhaps your shoulder is squeezed in too tight towards the spine compared to the other shoulder. Perhaps your neck looks like it’s leaning towards your right shoulder. Maybe your head appears to me to be in too much of a of an extension position. Anything that I see in your body that is out of symmetry and those are areas that I’m interested in working in. This is our approach. The results are quite good. Utilizing the John F Barnes approach to myofascial release were able to treat a host of things that we would not have been able to treat as well which additional chiropractic care. We are able to treat frozen shoulders with a a great deal of success. We’re able to treat post operative shoulder replacements with a great deal of success. We’re able to treat post operative knee replacements and hip replacements with a great deal of post surgical success.We are able to treat headaches with a great deal of success. We have phenomenal success treating temporomandibular dysfunction or Tim Prugh mandibular syndrome disorder. When you have restrictions and the connective tissue not only does it cause physical symptoms physical pain dysfunction aberrant motion restricted motion things like that it also has trapped and stored energy in the restrictions of the connective tissue. When I’m able to tap into those areas where that connective tissue is restricted and that energy is liberated it will usually make something move maybe your arm will start to come off the table maybe your fingers just start to twitch or maybe your feet start twitching. When we release the connective tissue the energy usually release and makes some other body part move or twitch. So you see there’s never a dull moment at work there’s never a dull moment treating people you never know what you’re gonna get out of someone you never know how their body is gonna respond. It really amazes me, you know I’ve strived my whole life to find the one thing that really helped people living in chronic pain. And then when you find that one thing which I believe I have found in the John F Barnes Pro smiles at release. And you just want to tell the whole world about it. But people just dismiss it and kind of think of it as just a massage. But I know the healing is wondrous things that I have seen. I know the miracles that I have seen. I know the miracles that I have experienced in my own body with these techniques. I do this from a place of love. I do this from a place from deep within my heart. I have seen what traditional medicine has done two people are. I am not impressed with traditional medicine. My mother was 5 foot two and around 300 pounds most of my life. She saw Dr’s. She took lots of medication’s.And I just watched her get sicker and sicker and sicker. So I wanted to be a part of something it was different from that system. One day in my life I was given a golden opportunity. I had the opportunity to go to school and become anything that I wanted. I thought to myself if I could be anything I would like to be a doctor that doesn’t cut on people and doesn’t drug people. That’s why I said out to become a Tampa chiropractor. I wanted to help people. I wanted to help people not live the life that my mother had lived. I didn’t want people to become dependent on all types of prescription medication. I wanted to help people to live a healthy life.One of the philosophies of chiropractic is to live a drug-free life as much as you possibly can. To exercise, And stretch to make good nutritional choices. To get adequate sleep. To try to avoid environmental toxins. Who wouldn’t want that. I love Tampa. I was born in Tampa. My son was born in Tampa. That’s why I want to be the best Tampa chiropractor I can be. We have been in Tampa now for 14 years on Bush Boulevard. We have a huge mural painted with the Buccaneers on the side of our building. We have a 20 foot Tom Brady on the side of our building. Hey Tom you got to come out and try some of this Mýa fascial release. I guarantee it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We could extend your career by God knows how many years. We could team up and become business partners and we could offer some each other something very unique. I know when I have is so good and so undervalued. If I were to get with the right people I think this thing could really takeoff on a big scale. You can make Tampa chiropractor girl international.