When you think of people seeing a Tampa chiropractor, first and foremost you think of someone who has hurt their back. That’s an excellent assumption because a high majority of patients who come in for treatment by a Tampa chiropractor are coming in for back pain. There are no specifics as far as the type of patient for example athlete manual labor pregnant lady A nurse someone as young as 20 years old. The types of patients that come to see a chiropractor for back pain is from a wide group of people. Because it’s not just athletes who hurt their backs. However let’s start with the athlete.

Whether you are a professional athlete, A semi pro, Someone who may have a full-time job in a different industry But participates in competitive sports on nights and weekends, or a person who is involved in sports for the pleasure, these individuals will experience some type of muscle joint pain from injury or repetitive movement or overuse. Athletes Encompass a great number of visits to attend the chiropractor. Even athletes who have an injured themselves will come see a chiropractor to help maintain top performance in their sport. Many athletes feel seeing a Tampa chiropractor Even if they’re not hurt it’s a great benefit because they feel like A chiropractic treatment loosens their joints helps prevent injuries. Professional athletes are introduced to chiropractic is part of their team’s medical team. In any professional sport there’s a medical team that overseas athletic injuries, and performance enhancement. The medical team usually consist of an orthopedist, athletic trainer, chiropractor, Physical and massage therapist therapists. A chiropractor is wrong with the medical team is essential because often the sports injuries are soft tissue injuries. What is a soft tissue injury?
When you don’t have a broken bone or any internal bleeding external bleeding contusions abrasions but you have some muscles or joints injuries that affect your play, this is where attend a chiropractor can assist you and help you get back to your optimal performance. The chiropractor works with athletes that have soft tissue injuries. Chiropractic manipulations benefit athletes to realign them back their neck their limbs to help alleviate pain or discomfort.

Seeing a tire Tampa chiropractor isn’t just for the football player or the soccer player it is for all athletes such as gymnast,, dancers bowlers Track And Field or’s, runners. Mini gymnast often over use and abuse their muscles to stay on top of their game. You were fine and mini gymnast many different athletic injuries such as sprain and strain of muscles and broken bones due to the repetitive motions and intensity of their performance therefore often seeking chiropractic assistance for pain relief. A bowler is constantly throwing an average 6 pound and up bowling ball. With this repetitive motion you will find Ballers with wrist pain arm pain leg pain sciatic pain. These are soft tissue injuries that can benefit with chiropractic.

Auto accident victims with soft tissue injuries should see a Tampa chiropractor. If you are involved in an auto accident Depending on the severity of the accident and unless unless There are life-threatening injuries such as broken bones puncture wounds excessive bleeding unusual headaches you should avoid going to the emergency room. This can be surprising information to many individuals who have not experienced an auto accident but it’s vital information because it could save you a ton of money in the future and much aggravation and frustration as well. If you suspect that you may have some internal injuries and you’re not suffering from any pain I suggest that you go to The walk-in clinic and not the emergency room. I have seen so many individuals hurt financially because of their decision to go to the emergency room after an accident. In Florida currently Hospitals are now for profit businesses. Most individuals involved in an accident who go to the hospital emergency room will be seen will be given a CT scan and other very pricey imaging. The majority of auto accident victims end up with soft tissue injuries where the hospital is not equipped to provide physical therapy or chiropractic treatment when you go to the emergency room. A three hour stay in the hospital could run up to $20,000. Here in our county one CT scan at the hospital is billed for $10,000. In the state of Florida it’s required that all auto drivers are insured with PIP which is personal injury protection. PIP covers you the driver if you’re ever involved in an accident regardless if it is your fault or not. In order to use your PIP insurance after an accident you must be seen by a medical professional within 14 days of your accident. This does not mean you have to go to the hospital but you must be seen by a doctor within 14 days. The max for PIP insurance in Florida is $10,000. If you go to the hospital without any life-threatening injuries and your stay cost you $10,000 you will be responsible for 20% plus the deductible so that would be a minimum of $2000 that you would be responsible to pay the hospital. In the majority of non-life-threatening accidents the accident victim is given prescription medication to help alleviate some pain. Now this medication is not the oxycodone or heavierPain meds. Typically the medication prescribed or suggested would be high dosage of ibuprofen and then you are referred to see a physical therapist or a chiropractor. The hospital emergency room is not equipped to provide physical therapy and chiropractic services, therefore you’ve already used up your max pay payments and if you are in pain and it is affecting work or daily living in your need of additional services all the cost will come out of your pocket regardless if you are at fault or not. So it’s highly suggested for those accident victims unless you are involved in an accident and have sustained life-threatening injuries avoid the hospital emergency room and go to a walk-in clinic. If you are able to go home after the accident and you would like to get looked at the following day make an appointment with your primary care physician or you can go see a chiropractor or the walk in clinic. Hey Tampa chiropractor is trained to treat accident victims with soft tissue injuries. In many accidents the victims end up with soft tissue injuries and that’s where accident victims would benefit highly in seeing a Tampa chiropractor. The cost is far far less than the cost for emergency room hospital visits. Typically seeing a chiropractor after an accident you will receive treatment to get back to work or get back to every day living duties and responsibilities and there is enough PIP insurance to cover the entire treatment.

Visit https://cobbrehabwellness.com/ and see testimonials from happy people like you! Give us a call to schedule today – 813-914-8500. It is highly suggested if euro are an auto accident victim, unless you have life-threatening injuries do not go to the hospital emergency room. Instead see a trusted Tampa chiropractor.