Often times people think you have to be an injured athlete or injured in an accident to see a Tampa chiropractor. This is certainly not true. Period a majority of those seeking pain relief are patients of chiropractors. Maybe the pain relief started from an injury many many years ago that you’ve completely forgotten. Then years later you aggravate that area causing pain and discomfort. Anyone who is suffering from any type of soft injury soft tissue injury meaning no broken bones punctures internal bleeding contusions, these individuals are perfect candidates for a Tampa chiropractor. A patient once was loading dishes in his dishwasher and all of a sudden he felt pain in his back. He thought laying down would alleviate the pain which it did but the next morning getting up for work he realized he was in excruciating pain and he was having difficulty getting up and walking around. This is individual was seen by Dr. Cobb. He treated about four times and he’s been a faithful or loyal patient for the last 12 years. This patient worked out regularly was not overweight was fit and active but something happened and just from the bending from loading and unloading dishes in his dishwasher he hurt his back.

The treatment he received consisting of connective tissue release and chiropractic eased his pain and completely relieved it after three treatments and every once in a while he comes to get treated when he feels his back is starting to give him trouble. Now we have many patients who after suffering from years and years of pain will come in and it’ll take more than one two or three treatments one person a patient treated for six months although that is a little unusual in our practice most commonly what Dr. Cobb will tell you is he expects a change after three treatments the change can be better or unfortunately sometimes it can be worse but that lets him knowThat what he’s doing is working. Unfortunately a good majority of patients that we see will see us when they’re in such pain and they’ve been suffering for a very very long time years. It’s amazing how people neglect their bodies and won’t take the time or spend the money on themselves and they’ll quickly go in debt to have their pets treated. I think it’s just human nature that we are like this. Will try to suffer with this pain and as long as we can get by and still go to work and do our daily activities then we’re OK with it. Because we don’t wanna spend the money. And that’s where we go wrong because when you’re suffering with pain and you’ve been dealing it dealing with it for quite a bit of time you don’t realize how it affects not only you but your inner circle such as your immediate family who live with you you’re cranky or you’re more pissed off and you don’t even realize how you’re talking to your spouse and your kids and think about how this affects the people that you interact with outside of home such as work or just social interactions.

When you’re in pain and you’re living with it you’re dealing with it because you’re too cheap to treat to spend the money on yourself then you’re giving out The bad energy that you’re feeling. How does this affect your every day life how does this affect your work or your everyday life you could be a real jerk to your spouse and not very nice to your kids. You probably have much more limited interaction with them because you’re in pain. As for work are you being the happiest best that you can be to reach your goals. When you’re in pain there’s no way. And think about your coworkers your boss. Do you want to get aheadIn your work? If so do you think the energy that you’re giving out because you’re in pain is going to help? When you finally see a Tampa chiropractor and you get that pain relief it is amazing how your outlook and your interactions change for the positive.

It’s understandable that people with limited income or just have different priorities for example would rather make their boat payment versus get their back right. It’s amazing how this changes things once they see a time Tampa chiropractor. Yes we understand that people have bills responsibilities don’t want to get in debt you wanna make sure you pay your bills on time but eventually when you’re suffering from pain and you don’t get treatment you’re just compounding that pain and it’s gonna make it worse and worse and the worst part about it is it’s going to take much longer and cost much more to finally get yourself right. So seeing Tampa chiropractor is really in important for those that are in pain. It’s amazing after getting treated how you realize that you’ve been dealing with such pain that it’s affected you in such a negative way and when you feel negative that’s the type of energy that you give out. If you wait after you’ve started experiencing back pain and shoulder pain elbow pain wrist pain, The longer you wait the longer it will take to heal. I know this firsthand because I’ve experienced it. I hurt my shoulder somehow someway I think it was from playing volleyball. And it didn’t just affect well it was my shoulder blade but it didn’t just affect his shoulder blade in effect in my neck it affected my head I would get headaches and it took about three years of suffering with this pain like us like that sword stabbed you in your shoulder blade I finally saw a Tampa chiropractorAnd I honestly could not believe why I waited so long.

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