Sports & Auto Injuries

At Cobb Rehab & Wellness – as a Tampa Chiropractor, we want to help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Don’t settle for a life with debilitating pain. We can help. We specialize in helping patients who suffer from back, neck or spinal pain from a sports or auto injury. Life happens. Sometimes those accidents can cause months or even years of residual symptoms and effects from the auto injury or sports injury.

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Sports Injuries

Because of our amazing year-round weather, Florida is a powerhouse for professional and recreational sports. People from all over the world come to Florida to compete in pro to semi pro sports or enjoy an array of recreational sports. Unfortunately, this results in many sports injuries. We have treated top athletes who participate in events such as football, baseball, tennis, MMA, golf, triathlon, swim, long and short distance running, gymnastics, etc. These athletes have ranged from school age to seniors. They are serious about their sport and when they get injured, they are serious about their ‘speedy’ recovery. Soft tissue injuries are prevalent in sports injuries. From ankle sprain/strain to tennis/golf elbow or muscle tears and contusions to stress injuries, Cobb Rehab & Wellness has successfully treated many of these injuries. Additionally, after surgery involving a sport injury, patients will come treat pre and post op in order to prep their body for a successful surgery and speed the healing process restoring joint movement and rebuilding muscle strength.

Dr. Cobb has been a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP) through the American Chiropractic Board of Sport Physicians (ACBSP) for over a decade. He received extensive training and successfully passed a rigorous examination to achieve this certification. Certification requires yearly ongoing continued sports-related education. He has extensive knowledge of body mechanics, muscular-skeletal systems and soft tissue injuries. Coupled with years of treating hundreds of patients with sports-related injuries, Dr. Cobb is well qualified Tampa Chiropractor in assessing injuries and determining the best course of action in treating these injuries. Dr. Cobb works in conjunction with Orthopedists and Spine Surgeons and closely with a select group of these specialists when the required treatment is beyond his scope of practice.

Auto Injuries

Cobb Rehab & Wellness has been treating patients suffering from Auto Injuries since 2008. We are well experienced dealing with patients, insurance companies and professionals involved in the auto accident industry. If you are involved in an accident whether you are at fault or not, it is extremely important that you understand the processes involved in order to obtain proper care. Choosing the right doctor and clinic should not be taken lightly. We have seen too many patients who received inadequate care end up with long term injuries and mounting medical bills. If you were not at fault, many insurance companies will be quick to contact you and offer you a settlement that is almost always not enough. We advise that you not make any statements to any insurance company until you seek legal advice. Almost always, legal consultations involving auto accidents are free. Below is a list of information that we want anyone who has been involved in an auto accident to know:

  • If your accident did not cause any life-threatening injuries, you are better off going to an Urgent Care facility or a doctor owned clinic such as Cobb Rehab & Wellness. A patient who was taken to the hospital by ambulance and had a 5 hour stay ended up with over a $27000. hospital-only bill (not including doctors and ambulance bill). This example is a recent occurrence in Hillsborough County (March 2021). The Tampa Chiropractor patient was sent home because s/he suffered from soft-tissue injuries. There is no hospital treatment for such injuries except for limited prescription pain medication.
  • By law Personal Injury Protection is required for every Florida driver. Unfortunately, the majority of drivers have the legal minimum PIP coverage of $10,000.
  • Bodily Injury coverage (BI) is not legally required. This means that if a person who is at fault, does not have BI, the person they hit and hurt will have NO recourse. So if you, the injured person, not at fault, ends up with medical bills over $10,000, you will be personally responsible for those bills. We highly recommend that every Florida driver should carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. For a few dollars added to your auto insurance, it is well worth it.
  • Florida Insurance companies have a 14-day rule. You must seek medical help for your injuries within 14 days of the date of accident or you will not be eligible for PIP coverage.
  • Why see a lawyer before a doctor? If you’re hurt, it only makes sense to seek help before you meet with a lawyer. The insurance companies can see right through this.


We have seen too many auto accident victims end up in financial ruin with the loss of work and daily function due to their injuries. In many instances, these victims are left with no financial recourse from the at-fault because there is no Bodily Injury coverage. Additionally, they are victimized again when they choose the wrong lawyer or the wrong treatment facility to handle their injuries. Be very careful in choosing your lawyer and/or your doctor. Referrals from friends or family will be far better than choosing someone based on frequent advertising or catchy slogans. At Cobb Rehab & Wellness, we provide quality Tampa Chiropractor care to those injured in an auto accident. Our priority is your recovery. We assist all of our patients from the start of your case and offer continued care options well after your case has settled. We work with a select group of quality medical and legal professionals that share the same priority…patients/clients first…always!

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