Why Should You Read Cobb Rehab and Wellness Testimonials?

We take pride in our Google reviews and quality testimonials.  We urge all potential Tampa Chiropractor patients to thoroughly research when looking for any medical provider. Your health should be your priority.  If you are debilitated by a health condition, it further complicates and trickles down to all aspects of daily living. It is extremely important to feel confident that you will receive the best care.  Although education, training, certifications, and experience are qualities that should be considered when looking for a healthcare provider, patient experiences and testimonials are equally powerful in making your determination.

Below are a few Patient Testimonials. You can find additional and more detailed testimonials on Google, Facebook, and Youtube.

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Dr. Cobb and his staff are miracle workers when it comes to pain relief. They offer Myofascial Release therapy. From plantar fasciits, to back, neck and shoulder pain, you will find relief. If you don’t care for adjustments, MFR is perfect.

Matthew Powell

I’ve been going to Cobb for a few years now. I was a gymnast for many years and now coach. Dr. Cobb he’s helped me through persistent low back/ hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, and an elbow injury. I’ve been to many chiropractors but the MFR preformed along with the adjustments is the only thing that has given me relief. Thanks Dr. Cobb!

Katlyn Hills

Do not waste your time going any where else, you want relief ? Please do yourself the favor and go see Dr. Cobb . He will make sure that you are comfortable, respected, and taken care of. Speaking from experience, in just one session, I went from not being able to bend, sit, or walk, to fully functional.. Dr. Cobb finished the session with one phrase “I want you to get up off the table, like you’ve never been hurt before “ and after my first of three sessions, I found myself in so much relief, and comfort, I had to say something. Trust this man. And his elbow . Lol

Joel Vasquez

I first visited Dr. Cobb’s office in 2008 after I experienced a car accident. Since that time I’ve visited any time I’ve had pain or injury. Dr. Cobb and his staff became more than my “go to” group for pain, they’ve also become my friends. The atmosphere within Cobb Rehab and Wellness is very relaxed and inviting. The doctor has a strong willness to constantly improve his craft and serve his patients to the best of his abilities. He puts the patient first and strives to deliver excellent service. I would recommend him and have shared his information with others as I believe he offers superior care.

Elizabeth W.

Dr Cobb is a life saver
He took and old guy with back pain and in 3 visits I’m pain free it’s just crazy.

Anthony DiGrigoli

Dr. Cobb is so passionate about his profession that he continually works toward learning new techniques and practices in order to enhance the lives of his patients. Don’t hesitate to call Cobb Rehab & Wellness. You will be glad you did.

Gary Cobb

I appreciate him being an evolved chiropractor that has continued his education to know that it’s more than popping some bones..he specializes in myofascial release. I’m just starting but even after 1 time I can feel a difference and my pain is less. Thanks! See ya next week

Michelle Berrier

I can’t say enough about the success Dr Cobb has given me with pain and discomfort. Dr Cobb can read you body and goes to work on the area. Thanks Dr Cobb for everything.

David Wade

I was in a head on collision over 20 years ago! My body is all kind of messed up. Dr. Cobb has helped release the trauma of my accident and also the abuse my body has encountered being a letter carrier. It’s nice to have a Dr. that doesn’t want to prescribe a pill and hurry on to the next patient. I am very thankful for finding him.

Angela Stephens

Dr Cobb is diversely educated which affords him a good array of techniques to apply at the root of the problem. He doesn’t treat symptoms, he fixes problems every time.

George Harris

Dr. Cobb truly cares about his patients. He takes his time to get to the heart of the problem and provides specialized care to meet your needs. This office is filled with kind staff that will work hard to exceed your expectations.

Amy G.

Excellent staff, very helpful and attentive to your needs. Very professional. I highly recommend them. I have been to other chiropractic center and Dr.Cobb and his staff are extremely professional and caring staff.

Eve Mercado

Cobb Rehab and Wellness is beyond legit. It was a whole thing getting my back and neck consistently feeling how it should without the constant aches, pains and instability that comes with having gotten into a car accident. Doctor Cobb is super professional and he just knows how to read the body and gets to work getting you the relief you need.
The office is a relaxed atmosphere. They actually care and I would recommend going to this place prior to other cookie cutter physical therapy locations here.

Mark DeVictoria

I have been going to the Cobb Rehab and wellness center for about 6 years now. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to start feeling better. From the first visit he explains how his treatments work. And yes they do work. He has helped me several times over thenyears, my mother and most of my friends and business contacts. My mom had TMJ and had suffered with it for 30 plus years and within 1 session it was gone and it hasn’t come back. He is honest upfront and professional. Go see the difference for yourself and start feeling better.

Jason Spadola

I had lower muscle back pain due to having a liver drain for 3+ months coming back in 2020. I tried everything, went to multiple doctors. The gave me muscle relaxer sent me to therapy, and nothing worked to get rid of the muscle pain. I was laying flooring with a buddy of mine and told him how bad my back hurt, thats when he told me about Dr. Gregg. I said I don’t need a chiropractor, it a muscle. He said just go see him, I did, and it was the best thing I have ever done. I am a believer of Myofascial massage now. I still have to go back from time to time to get an adjustment, but I am virtually pain free.

Erik Chambers

This was hands down the best chiropractic experience of my life. I came to down for a conference and had an appointment with Dr. Cobb. I left feeling about 15 years younger.Tension in my neck is gone. My entire spine and hips that were so out of line is back in sync.This type of treatment is different than anything I’ve ever had from another chiropractor or a massage. Highly highly highly recommend if you’re living with any kind of pain. Trust Dr. Cobb. Let you body let go of the tension and you will feel 1,000,000 times better than when you came.

Julea` Merriott