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Our Benefits

  • Easy Scheduling
  • Minimum Wait Times
  • Friendly Staff
  • Joint Mobility and Function
  • Strengthens Immune Systems
  • Decreases the Adverse Effects of Stress
  • Makes Tight Muscles Loose
  • Improves Circulation Taking Stagnant Blood Out and Bringing New Blood In
  • Speeds Up Recovery Process
  • Decreases Pain
  • Decrease the Ongoing Inflammatory Process
  • Improves Nerve System Function and the Individual Nerve’s Ability to Carry Nerve Impulses More Efficiently
  • Calms a Hyperactive Mind



Julea` M.

“This was hands down the best chiropractic experience of my life. I came to town for a conference and had an appointment with Dr. Cobb. I left feeling about 15 years younger.Tension in my neck is gone. My entire spine and hips that were so out of line is back in sync.This type of treatment is different than anything I’ve ever had from another chiropractor or a massage. Highly highly highly recommend if you’re living with any kind of pain. Trust Dr. Cobb. Let you body let go of the tension and you will feel 1,000,000 times better than when you came.”


Anthony A.

“I highly highly recommend you going to see Cobb rehab and wellness cause they have changed my life in just the first session. They fixed my neck pain that I’ve had for well over 2 years and I feel like a different person. You don’t realize how your pain effects you emotionally until you have it relieved. I felt completely different in a good way emotionally and physically after just my first visit. Go see them asap.”


Eric H.

“Out of this world experience at this place, I’ve been to quite a few chiropractic office’s and I’ve never have felt great after any of them until I found this gem, really caring and down to earth people,This place gives less Dr./Patient vibes & more Dr./Family Vibes.” #TrueHealer #ChiropraticGenius #Family


Jason P

“I am post op neck surgery for more than two years. I have been in constant pain from a accident in 2018. Dr Cobb sat down with me and went through a complete history and determined I was a good candidate for his specialties. I have followed Dr Cobb recommendations and am glad I did. If you are in pain and are unable to find help I would highly suggest giving Dr Cobb a call. Compassionate care and a great office experience.”

Meet the Founder of Cobb Rehab & Wellness – Dr. Gregory Cobb

Dr. Gregory Cobb is humbly and proudly – not your average Tampa chiropractor. Cobb has been practicing chiropractic since 2007. For almost 15 years, the Cobb Family devoted their time, skills, and resources to serving and providing quality care to those suffering from debilitating and chronic pain in the Tampa Bay area.

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If you’re looking for a clinic to just get cracked, this is not the place for you. As soon as you walk in to our clinic, you will notice a difference. We understand that most patients are experiencing all types of stress prior to coming in for their appointment. With this in mind, we try to provide a comfortable environment where you can leave your stress behind. You won’t experience a “Hurry up and get ‘em out” attitude. We schedule our patients where there is no overlap and long wait times. You’ll be greeted by a friendly face and we try hard to accommodate your needs. We value each and every patient that comes through our doors. During your first visit, Tampa Chiropractor – Dr. Cobb will do a thorough examination. He will clearly explain our treatment protocols and answer your questions so that you know what to expect. Every visit is tailored to your body’s needs which could be different from your prior visit. Some patients clearly want to get adjusted and some absolutely refuse. You will never get an adjustment if you don’t want one and if your body is not ready for one. That’s why Connective Tissue Release is such an important therapy that we incorporate. We offer this treatment as a stand alone or to get your body ready for an adjustment. All too often patients who get adjusted will complain that it made their condition worse or they’re not getting any better. Understand that when you’re experiencing pain, your body will react by protecting that area resulting in tension and stiffness. A chiropractic adjustment while you’re tight and stiff will most likely end with poor results. Some patients who are in good shape and experience some minor pain can come in and successfully get adjusted. Most patients have been dealing with their condition for an extended amount of time and need more than an adjustment. Surprisingly, most of our patients are completely satisfied after Connective Tissue Release only. We look at your individual situation and determine treatment accordingly. Prior to treatment, on subsequent visits, your body posture gets evaluated and you’re asked questions on current complaints and feedback on treatment from your prior visit. This helps our doctor and Tampa Chiropractor therapists determine the appropriate course of treatment for that session.


We have patients who have had neck and back surgery but continue to feel pain and discomfort. Depending on their issue, many of these patients are not good candidates for a chiropractic adjustment. This is where Connective Tissue Release has been highly effective. For patients suffering from any type of post surgical pain or discomfort, CTR helps to calm the inflammation which results in faster healing. Patients struggling with chronic back, neck or joint pain have discovered that CTR along with chiropractic adjustments are a dynamic combination in relieving their pain. Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck where it’s so painful to move your neck and you have very little range of motion? Tampa Chiropractor type adjustments have proven helpful, however, some patients are just so stiff, their neck won’t move for an effective adjustment. This is where Dr. Cobb will treat a patient with CTR in order to calm the inflammation and get the neck prepped to receive an adjustment. What about back pain from lifting something or sitting too long or positioning your body incorrectly? CTR with chiropractic does wonders for back related issues. When you have a soft tissue injury (muscle, joint, tissue) with no broken bones or open wounds, where do you go? There’s nothing that a hospital can do but prescribe you pain medicine and refer you to costly, often unnecessary, imaging and other specialists. There are benefits to pain medicine, however, it’s temporary, it doesn’t fix the problem. In fact pain meds can increase your injury because you’re not feeling the pain, therefore, you think you can resume your normal lifestyle resulting in reinjury. You will find the same protocol at Walk In Clinics and Urgent Care centers. Orthopedic Surgeons typically specialize in surgery. If surgery is not what you’re looking for and if you’re not suffering from life-threatening injuries, broken bones or puncture wounds, we should be your first call. You’re the type of patient that we treat.

Testimonials From Our Happy, Healthy Patients!

When Dr. Cobb first started practicing, he came across so many patients who benefitted from chiropractic, however, their main complaint is that the pain relief is temporary. Because of his profession and outlook on medicine, he did not want to rely on long term pain medication for relief. He sought other forms of holistic medicine that would assist with long lasting results. This is how he discovered Connective Tissue Release. For years he was suffering from a chronic back injury and was being treated with chiropractic. When he started getting CTR, the pain went away and although he will periodically seek Tampa Chiropractor treatment from tweaking his back golfing or doing yard work, the level of pain he spent years suffering with is no longer there. We have similar stories from hundreds of patients we have treated.

Most of our patients have a history of chronic pain that they’ve tried most forms of available therapy and have not been able to achieve the relief that they are seeking. Our patients are typically in tune with their bodies and are interested in pain relief without pharmaceutical drugs. Most of our patients are looking for a holistic therapy where, with assistance, the body can heal naturally with no longer term pain medicine use and no surgery. Our patients come from all over the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties. This is because there aren’t many clinics that offer Connective Tissue Release with a Tampa Chiropractor. Both therapies combined have really made a difference in many of our patients’ quality of life. Check out our Google reviews to see what patients are saying about us. See some of our video testimonials below: